All answers on a Moix.


How to apply for a Moix?

In the contact tab we can send the photo or image you want to, you can also specify the size you want to be made, we will send you a completely free prototype.

What resolution should have the image?

We can do a Moix from any image, but the bigger the better image quality will be the result of his Moix.

How long it took to make the prototype?

The maximum time for completion of the prototype is one week.

What if I do not like the prototype?

If the prototype is not like he can make modifications or you can make a prototype with a different image.

What size can be done?

In Moix not have size limit, we can make a Moix desired size, however we work with droplets of a specific size and a small format Moix image would be faithful.

How long it took to make a Moix?

We conducted a long process that requires on the order of 3 weeks, during which time we can send if you want images of their evolution.

Where I can place my Moix?

They can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

¿Resists moisture?

If a waterproof material is not altered in the open.

What material is made a Moix?

Stoneware pottery is made with 100% natural raw materials and lead-free glazes ecological.

How do you stand?

In Moix we offer the possibility of shipping preassembled work on plates and their placement would be similar to a box.

Can I ride it I?

We can send your Moix parts individually, as if they were tiles and so it could be mounted on any flat surface with adhesives used in porcelain stoneware.

It's very heavy?

The weight of a Moix is a ...... m2. (ceramic alone, regardless of the plate that is used for mounting.

What are shipping costs?

The price of shipping depends on the one hand the weight and measurements Moix and other shipping location.

How the delivery is made?

We conducted by private courier. These also have a package tracking service with which it may by where your Moix.

What if my Moix is damaged?

If any parts of your Moix was damaged during shipping we promise to send a similar no cost.

Need support?

No maintenance required.Although cleaning.

How do you clean?

Moix is made from highly resistant materials, but for its conservation ideally clean with mild soap and water.

Is it safe to buy in Moix?

Moix has various forms of payment, all of which can contrast our reputation and reliability, and through our social networking accounts can contact other users of Moix.

In Moix we believe in transparency and seriousness. They can contrast our information easily and we are happy to answer any questions that may arise by phone or email.

How do I pay?

Paying a Moix you can be done by PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.